Modi made a call to Putin, Russia took such a decision for India as soon as it was talked about.. the world will be stunned

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are increasing. Russia has intensified bombings in many cities of Ukraine. Simultaneously, the Russian army is destroying military bases in Ukraine. Russia has taken control of Ukraine's nuclear plant. Now Russia is increasing its attacks in other cities of Ukraine as well

India is also very worried in view of the increasing war between the two countries. For this reason, PM Narendra Modi has also spoken to Russian President Putin many times. For this reason, he once again spoke to Putin on the phone and expressed his concern about India. Soon after, Putin has taken a big decision.

This was PM Modi's concern

The biggest concern of the country's PM Narendra Modi is the children of India who are stuck in the cities of Ukraine. Modi has taken many steps to get them out of there. The biggest step among these is to send four ministers of the government to neighboring countries of Ukraine. All the ministers are present there and are taking the students out of there.

However, even after this, it is a matter of concern that the cities of Ukraine are under curfew. In such a situation, children are not able to come out of their homes. Ukraine has banned civilians from leaving their homes in view of Russian attacks. Because of this Indian children are stuck there. Especially the people of India have been evacuated from Kyiv, but the people of the country are still trapped in Kharkiv.

This is Putin's big decision

When Modi called Putin and told about this concern, the Russian President took a big decision. They have decided to stop the war for 6 hours for the children of India. Yes, Russia, which was not listening to big countries, has now agreed to India. Not only this, Putin has said that the Russian army will now build a safe corridor for Indian children and bring them safely from Kharkiv to Russia.

Not only this, Russia says that Ukraine is fighting Indian children by making shields. After this order of Putin, the Modi government has got a big success. Along with this, the hope of the children trapped there to reach India safely has also arisen.

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